Outdoor Metal Pieces

These metal pieces are designed to stand up to any outdoor conditions, and last for years. They look just as good indoors as well. All pieces are hand made, and pre-rusted, so they will always look as good as the day you buy them. Every piece is free-standing, so there is no need to buy anything else to hold them in place.

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01 Trees: 8"h-$19 : 10"h-$24 : 12"h-$29 : 14"h-$34 : 16"h-$44 : 18"h-$49
02 Moose Yard Art 30"h x 12"w x 30"L
$279 Rust Only
03 Moose Yard Art 21"h x 6"w x30"L
$219 Rust Only
04 Moose Yard Art 43"h x 18"w x 48"L
$489 Rust Only
01 Deer 28"h x 13"w x 30"L
$289 Rusted Only
02 Elk Yard Art 36"h x 19"w x 30"L
$319 Rust Only
01 Elk Yard Art 32"h x 19"w x 30"L
$319 Rust Olny
03 Elk Yard Art 45"h x 17"w x 45"L
$439 Rust Only
04 Elk Bugling Yard Art 42"h x 21"w x 45"L
$439 Rust Only
01 Bighorn Battle Yard Art 31"h x 7"w x 50"L
$499 Rust Only