Metal Pieces

Our metal artwork is all hand made from one piece of stainless steel. The pieces are colored by heating the metal in differnt places. We have flat and 3-dimensional designs for your wall, or to hang anywhere. Each piece is truely a work of art.

Pricing varies depending on the piece. Please contact us today to find one for your home.

Also check out our outdoor metal pieces.

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08 Bear Wall Hanging 25"h x 27"w
$139 Rust
$189 Heatclored and Swirled
09 Grazing Bear Wall Hanging-15"h x 29"w
$129 Rust
$169 Swirled and Heatcolored
07 Rear Wall Hanging 30"h x 28"w
$139 Rust
$189 Heat Colored and Swirled
07 Moose Wall Hanging 22"h x 36"w
$159 Rust
$199 Heat Colored and Swirled
06 Elk Grazing Wall Hanging 24"h x 29"w
$179 Rust
$249 Heat Colored and Swirled
01 Fish Wall Hanging Heat Colored and Swirled 17"h x 36"L
01 Fish Wall Hanging Rust 17"h x 36"L
01 Hummingbird 14"h x 23"w across wings x 28"L
$129 Rust
$199 Swirled and Heat Colored
02 Wolf Wall Hanging 19"h x 9"w
$129 Rusted
$169 Heat Colored