Wood & Granite Options
And Add Ons

All the logs used in Naked Aspen Designs furniture are aspen. Pine logs are used only on request. When Rob Peeters, owner and designer, started Naked Aspen Designs, he decided to take a different path from the other log builders. Rob uses different types of hardwoods and softwoods for all furniture surfaces- including any horizontal surface such as a dinning room table, or a dresser. Aspen is inherently a soft wood and can be used for any surface, but Rob has found his clients really enjoy having the choice of what kind of wood to use for their new furniture. Thus, we generally do not use any aspen for surfaces due to it's vulnerability to dent, scratch, and wear easier than the woods selected below. For this reason we have a few different favorite woods that blend wonderfully with the irregularity and colors of the aspen logs.


The most commonly used wood is wormy-maple. It has a beautiful grain color with amber, red, brown, and white hues that merge with the aspen logs perfectly. The key to this wood is the "wormy" part. Worms (Don't worry, they all die before the furniture is built) get into aspen trees and create much of the character found the logs used. These same worms get into the maple trees and replicate this process. The end result is a form of maple that has a "tiger stripe" pattern often found in the outer surface of the aspen log. Truly a favorite wood to use on most of Naked Aspen Designs creations. Included in the price for all items posted on the price list.


This is a classic wood often used in kitchen cabinets, trim work, and doors. It has a rich amber color that is nice compliment to the aspen. We Generally use only the knotty type of Alder to help accent the rustic ambiance that defines Naked Aspen Designs furniture. The browns and reds of the aspen log knots help to blend together the similar hues in the alder, creating a glowing piece of furniture. Included in the price for all items posted on the price list


Another classic wood that is incorporated into many everyday items such as tongue and groove ceilings, cabinets, and doors. With more of a light color tone, pine has a little more contrast to some of the darker tones of the aspen. Once again, the knots add to the rustic flavor of the furniture. This is a great wood choice if you have any other pine furniture to match. Included in the price for all items posted on the price list.


This dark colored wood has been used for centuries in fine furniture. It has a natural dark brown color that is absolutely gorgeous. It is much darker than most of the aspen log color tones, but really brings out the dark knots and burls found in the aspen. It has a wider grain pattern than the other woods mentioned which adds to the texture and look of the finished product. If you like stark contrast and darker colors, this is the wood for you. Additional charges apply for knotty-walnut.

Other Options

Any wood desired can be used for surfaces on our furniture. Some other specialty woods that have the grain and color tones that blend very well with aspen are, but not limited to: Ash, Hickory, Cedar, and Oak. Additional charges will apply to use these specialty woods.

Add-ons and Options

A few different options are available for all of Naked Aspen Designs furniture. Since we don't use aspen for the furniture surfaces, a popular add-on is a colorful log edge around table tops and other surfaces. This helps to add the finishing touch of rustic-elegance that defines Naked Aspen Designs furniture. A log edge may be added to any horizontal surface or shelf with most of the designs on the website. More often than not clients prefer the log edge, as it blends perfectly with all the wood choices listed.
Another popular option is adding a lower shelf to any coffee table, bench, end table, or night stand. Having a nice shelf to put magazines, books, or any other media that might need to close by is a wonderful convenience. We use 1/2" thick aspen planks for the shelf with a log strut for support. A good looking and convenient add-on that is very popular.

Standard Edge

Standard edges are included in the prices listed. It's a basic round over edge that comes standard with all the designs. Also available are chamfered edges and rough distressed style edges at no extra cost. Pictured below is a wormy-maple top with the round over edge.

Log edge

Two different styles of log edges are available.
The first is a log edge that is flush with the surface piece that it is attached to. For example, our dresser tops are 1 1/2" thick as is the log edge around the top.
The second is a larger log edge that can give the surface a more "beefy" look and feel to it. For example our bench tops are 7/8" thick, by adding a log edge that is 2-3" wide the top looks like it is 2-3" thick, as shown in the photo below.

Lower Shelves

Lower shelves are available on any design that will accommodate one. Night stands, benches, and coffee tables are the most commonly ordered pieces to have the shelf option added. Pictured below is a shot of a lower shelf on a night stand. Also available, a solid shelf fabricated from the same wood as the surface for an additional cost.

Granite Options

Naked Aspen Designs started incorporating granite into designs a few years ago and it has been one of our best sellers. We can replace any wood surface with granite, to include but not limited to: dressers, dinning room tables, coffee tables, end tables, night stands, benches, cocktail tables, entertainment centers, and bars. Granite comes in every color of the rainbow, in addition to about 300 other colors. We can usually accommodate most requests for granite if you know exactly what you want and the trade name of the granite. If you don't know the name of the granite that would be to your liking, we can email photos of the granite we have on hand and what is available through our supplier. The granite comes polished glass smooth and sealed, revealing the sparkling or muted minerals imbedded in the stone. The thickness can vary from 2-3cm(7/8"-1 1/8"). Choose between three different edge options that all have their own distinct look and feel.

Hand Chiseled Edge

This is the most popular choice in edging for granite orders. It adds to the rough and irregular look of the aspen logs and offers an elegant style that is unmatched. From a straight style to a completely irregular edge as seen below, I can accommodate most requests. This option is included in the prices listed.

Log Edge

A great choice for any log and granite furnishing. The log edge really puts a nice finishing touch on the smooth granite, providing an elegant contrast against the curvy, round and irregular aspen. There is a 1/4" lip or ledge above the granite surface with this option which works really great on bistro, cocktail, and coffee tables that could have a drink spilled on it. This option is included in the prices listed.

Specialty Wood Edge

With this option you can have any type of wood such as Knotty-walnut or Wormy-maple as an edge on your granite piece. Walnut is a wonderful choice that can compliment many different colors of granite. It is a more refined look than the other choices and can add a very elegant look the finished product. Additional charges apply for this option, depending on size and type of wood used.

Granite With Hand-Chiseled Edge
(above & below)

Granite With Irregular Hand Chiseled Edge

Colorado Red Granite With Walnut Edge

Wormy-Maple (above & below)
Basic Round-Over Edge
Knotty-Alder With Log Edge
Wormy-Maple With Log Edge
Walnut With Log Edge
Wormy-Maple With 3-inch Log Edge
Lower Shelf Option
Octagon Cocktail Table With Log Edge
Green Granite With Log Edge
Granite With Walnut Edge